7 Digital Marketing Myths You should ignore right away

According to eMarketer, businesses spend more than $232 billion in Digital Marketing in 2017 and further expected to cross $400 billion marks by 2022. The industry is now witnessing exploding growth that all businesses should tap into. However, some are still held back due to inexperience and myths attached to Digital Marketing. It’s time to bust some of the prevalent Digital Marketing Myths.


Myth #1 : My Competitor Isn’t Online, So I Don’t Need To Be


No matter what type of marketing approach you take for your business – be it digital or traditional one –  it is important to stay one step ahead of your competitors. If your competitor business is not online, while you are already planning to go online, Congrats! it simply means you are already thinking of one step ahead of your competitor.


Not being online means you are missing a huge opportunity of reaching out to untapped and potential customers of your business. Just because your competitor is committing this grave mistake, it doesn’t mean you should also commit the same mistake & lose all the potential revenue that you could have earned by bringing your business online.


Myth #2 : You Should Have Social Media Account On All Platforms


While having a social media account is one thing, effective management of social media account is another. It is merely a simple task to create a dozen social media accounts on all available social media platforms, but this way you are likely to waste time, money and efforts immensely.


While It is important to have Social Media presence of your business, it becomes even more important to choose right Social Media Platform for your business. There is no one right fit for all businesses.


A Social Media Platform should be selected considering the nature of your business. For instance, While Facebook and Instagram could be helpful for a B2C company, LinkedIn and Twitter could yield better results for a B2B company.

Thus it is clearly one of the Digital Marketing Myths which you should ignore right away.



Myth #3 : Content Marketing Doesn’t Matter


Many businesses think the creation of a website and social media pages, is all they need to do. It is important for us to understand that in order to target and engage prospective visitors, it becomes vital to update your website and social media platforms regularly with relevant and engaging content. This will not only help in attracting your potential customers but also will help in growing your brand.


Having consistent content not only leaves a positive impact on your targeted audience but also helps your website in ranking higher in search engines.


Content Marketing builds a healthy relationship with your targeted audience and your brand.


Myth #4 : One Digital Marketer Can Handle All Digital Marketing Operations


Among popular digital marketing myths, many business owners have a misconception that hiring only a Digital Marketer will bring all the online growth to their business or company, which is not the case.


There are different tactics and strategies that we use in Digital Marketing. A task like creating a blog post for your website to attract visitors towards your product or services might look very simple task to you but actually requires immense efforts. Just to give you an overview, a blog post creation involves several steps like content research, keyword research, copywriting etc; which could take several hours & requires a good knowledge of subject matter and good content writing skills.


Similarly, Digital Marketing has various subfields such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-Mail Marketing, Adverts etc; which may require a high level of expertise considering the nature of your business.


Thus a team of skilled Digital Marketers might be required to cater needs of your business. Remember everybody is not the Elon Musk, even he has got different teams to accomplish different goals.


Myth #5 : Search Engine Optimization Is Dead


As more and more websites are creating great content, it certainly becomes tough to rank in search engines organically. But it would be totally absurd to say that SEO is dead.


In fact, if right strategies are implemented, your website can attract a huge traffic without paid advertising campaigns.


However, SEO strategies are changing rapidly, what worked in 2010 is not working in 2018. What working today might not be working two years from now.


Big brands spend millions of rupees on SEO campaigns. You need to implement effective strategy if you want to compete. This was another one of the popular digital marketing myths that businessmen face often.


Myth #6 : Consumers Using Mobile Phone Do Not Convert


On contrary to this digital marketing myth, as per reports published by Google almost 60% of the online traffic now comes through mobile devices.


It is important to have a responsive website. A customer may be less likely to go through lengthy checkout process while accessing your website through their mobile phone.

It becomes necessary to have a mobile-friendly version of your shopping- cart, and of any other page on which you want a customer to take some action; else, you will not have successful conversions.


Myth #7 : Negative Reviews Online Can Kill Your Business


There are a few dissatisfied customers every business have; it doesn’t mean you should take negative reviews for granted. You should never ignore negative online reviews.


In fact, you should take it as an opportunity to educate and improve your customers’ experience. There is a process for handling negative reviews online. You need to implement a right strategy to tackle with negative reviews online.


I hope this article helped you out in busting some of the prevalent Digital Marketing Myths. Now that you know all the Digital Marketing Myths, you can spread the words by sharing this article. You can also head to our blog to read more such articles which will help you in clearing more digital marketing misconceptions.


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